Tips to extend lifespan of a mattress – How to increase the durability of the mattress?

Mattresses are expensive. Buying a new mattress from mattress store Mesa is a big investment. In order to protect the investment and save money in the long run, it is essential to increase the life span of the mattress. The average life span of different types of mattress according to mattress experts is as follows

  • Futon mattress – 4 to 6 years
  • Inner spring mattress – 6 to 8 years
  • Memory foam mattress – 6 to 8 years
  • Latex mattress – 7 to 8 years
  • Water mattress – 6 to 7 years
  • Air mattress – around 8 years

Though the above numbers give an average durability of mattresses, it can be increased by following certain strategies of maintenance.

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Mattress cover

Use mattress covers that fit perfectly like a fitted sheet with stretchy elastic sides. The mattress coverscan be of any material. It can be cotton, latex or polyester. Some mattress store Mesasell water resistant covers that are made of plastic or vinyl.

Mattress covers are the best protection against spills. They prevent dirt from invading the micro fibers. Apart from this, the covers also help prevent abrasion on the surface of the mattress.

Clean once a week

Human body produces oil continually. This oil soaks the mattress when the user’s body rubs against the surface of the sheets. The oil attracts more dirt which speeds up the wear and tear process. Therefore, frequent cleaning is essential.

Mattress pad

Bodily fluids also soak on to the mattresses through the sheets. Unlike mattress covers the mattress pads at the mattress store Mesaprevent the fluids from reaching the mattress. For better protection, use a mattress protector along with the mattress pad. The only problem with mattress pad is dust and mites. Wash the pads regularly to avoid the problem.


As the weight of the sleeper puts pressure against the mattress, their internal structures become permanently deformed. This can be avoided by giving them right duration to restore themselves.

By rotating the mattress from mattress store Mesa,the weight of the user is evenly distributed. This gives time for the deformed structures to restore. However, do not rotate the mattress frequently. Rotate it once in 6 months.


For many people pets are their close family members. Just as kids they climb in to the bed. The problem here is that it significantly reduces the lifespan of the mattress. Use a special blanket and wash it regularly to protect the mattress in such scenario.


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