Wet Basement – a silent killer of your home

If you want to tackle the issue of wet basement, you should go for a systematic approach. The primary step is to understand the cause of moisture. You need to analyze where the water is coming from, and what mechanisms allow it to enter the basement. Once you know the cause, only then you will be capable to solve the issue efficiently.

Causes and wet basement solutions

Structural defects

Cracks in the concrete blocks can cause to accumulation of moisture. Also, if the floor joints are not rightly linked to the foundation wall, and it can lead to movement of the wall and permit water to enter the basement.

Solution: you must take best care while building the footings and foundation. Also make sure right connection between the foundation wall and the structure above it. If the foundation of your house is damaged, you must contact a leaky basement fix contractor and get his professional help.

basement waterproofing

Improper grading

During grading of the construction area, if the slope is inclined towards the walls of your house, then water will get directed towards the basement. As an outcome, the soil used during the construction process will get loose and settle around your house.

Solution: Fill the slope with a lot of dry sand so that it directs water away from the basement. Once the soil takes place of water, the issue of a wet basement can be solved.

Bad construction of window wells

A badly constructed window well can be the source of a wet basement waterproofing. It will direct water towards the basement, rather than away from it. It might also cause to a situation of extreme flooding.

Solution: if you want to build a window well, ensure that it is covered rightly so that it does not permit water to come within the basement. You must check the cracks in the window well and seal them regularly.

Defective drainage

Defective or missing downspouts and gutters from the roof redirect water directly to the basement. Also, if a downspout has no extender, then a big amount of rainwater will be deposited at a one place close to the base of the foundation.

Solution: Downspout should be fitted rightly at needed places where rain water gets collected. Take care of leakage from downspout using right waterproof sealers. Extensions, if any, should discharge water at least a few feet away from the walls of your house. If possible, build concrete slopes around the foundation walls to reject water collection.


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