Alternative Music and Indie – What Exactly Are They?

Alternative Music embodies the different musical approach or “anything” philosophy to status quo of the rock and roll. And this movement of music has existed to other forms. Punk, for instance, was the precursor that developed as the Alternative Music. Basic idea of the Punk Rock was antiestablishment. Punk made the different sound compared to Rock by various chords, distortion, feedback, and real irreverent in the face attitude that was once prevalent in the Rock & Roll, however, has since subsided as the Rock became mainstream. When subsidence in mainstream & complacency ensues, the movement inevitably arises.” Just like that, new music begins.

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What Do You Mean By The Term Alternative Music?

“Alternative Music” means very much what it appears like: the different sound on what you hear at mainstream rock & roll. Now, to define the mainstream rock & roll is trying to lick on bottom inside of the beer bottle. Think of music that you hear on the local classic rock radio station or that is generally mainstream rock & roll music. Different bands such as REM came on music scene as the Alternative, as sound & attitude was the break from classic rock “behemoths” on bands such as Kansas, Boston, or different bands of that particularly era that are not named after any cities and states. Early 90’s brought glut of the alternative bands such as Seattle biggies Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden are some examples of alternative music.

Alternative Music Become Famous in Colleges

College radio proved to be the fertile ground of discovering the new music. The professional music stations are totally saddled by burden of playing famous music to stay popular among the listeners & advertisers so that they may continue making millions of dollars in the advertising revenues. The college radio does not have that type of burden, so music choices will come from the liberal selection, so not just new Maroon 5 hit. The bands such as REM have also expressed the appreciation for the College radio since it gave them & Alternative Music the huge boost.

An idea of the Alternative Music is bands and music that aren’t in mainstream. What happens when the band becomes very popular, which is a mainstream? REM, as amazing and original like they are, slowly became the mainstream music band from the sheer longevity. It is not to say each single band, which become mainstream suffers the decline. I am just stating that the Alternative Music in essence is very different than the music accepted widely, aka POP.


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