A perfect Itinerary to Norway

Bergen, Norway is one of the most amazing countries in the world. There are many top-attractions there that attract the people and Bergen is the most visited city of Norway. You get to see many great landscapes, sky-high mountains, and many other things.

Bergen is an expensive city, no doubt, but you can arrange all the things in your budget by buying the Bergen card. This card will help you to see the paid attractions in free and also helpful in getting discounts on food and other items.

You can get a free walking tour Bergen and have the best experience. It might be possible that you have fewer days, and you want to experience the essence of Bergen in those few days.

free walking tour Bergen

Let us know what you must do in 3-4 days program of your Bergen:-

Day 1.    See the highlights of Bergen

You can get to know about the history and culture of Bergen. You must get the guided walking tour as they will guide you about the beautiful coastal city and can make you experience the spectacular view of the Bergen.

Day 2.    Get the experience of fjords

On the second day, you need to experience fjords. The fjord cruises in Norway get you a breathtaking experience.

Day 3.    Know about Culture and Music

 You can get to see the most beautiful chamber music hall in Norway. There are timings fixed for the concerts. You can experience great music and get to know the culture of the concert hall.

You can experience all the things in just a few days by the guided tour. Experience and get to see all the things in just 3 days.


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