Significance of the star ceiling and it is benefits

Most people understand the unbelievable usefulness of this ceiling fan through the winter months when they can cool off and circulate the air when lighting the room. Ceiling fans have numerous benefits over other lighting options, and can save energy and money while maintaining a beautiful and elegant feel to whatever room they are in. Energy Saver – The Ceiling fan typically uses as much electricity as a 100 watt light bulb. When used intelligently and turned off when not in use, you save money in both the winter and the summer months using these fittings. Winter Warner – In Winter time, as in summer time, the warm air always rises to the peak of any specified room. Hot air is lighter than cool air, so in many rooms you will find gradient layers of atmosphere that operate from warmer to cooler.

Star Ceiling

 Running your star ceiling fan clockwise in the winter pushes warm air up towards the ceiling that then forces the air to bounce off the walls and recalculate back down to the rest of the room. This really requires a whole lot of the work out of your HVAC system, and individuals have saved upwards of 10 percent or more on their heating costs by implementing those techniques. Summer Circulator РRunning a fan counterclockwise in the summertime is the perfect way to get the identical energy-saving benefits you did get in warm weather. Running counterclockwise pushes air down, which does not lower the temperature of the space, but enables you to have a cooling breeze that will make you feel cooler, without needing to run any excess air conditioners you know, if you do not wish to.

Effective circulation has been proven to make people feel up of 8-10 degrees cooler, and might decrease air conditioning bills by up to 40. With the increasingly expensive price of electricity, this is an excellent way to sizably reduce that bill in a season where power typically reaches a top price line for the year at any rate. Energy Star – Energy Star fans have all the great benefits of regular fans but with much less of an electric output. You are bound to save an average of 15 percent or more using Energy Star products, and you receive the same style and eye-catching design you expect from any ceiling fan. Energy Star ceiling fans can be up to 50 percent more effective than a 150 watt incandescent bulb using these lovers are an, elegant, and cost-effective ways to light your dwelling.


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