Vanilla Visa: Easy Paying for Transactions with Vanilla Visa Gift Cards

Summary: This article elaborates on the benefits of Vanilla Visa prepaid gift cards, and how these can help people pay for transactions.

Vanilla Visa gift cards make for some of the very best  types of gift today, as these can be used by anybody to pay for transactions of different sizes and magnitudes. You can easily buy these cards for yourself or for your loved ones at just about any location, since there are thousands of different retailers of gift cards, both physical locations and online stores! This means while Vanilla Visa prepaid gift cards are easy to purchase, they can also be used within a matter of seconds at most merchants that accept Visa debit cards: all you have to do is hand over your Vanilla Visa Gift card, and enter your PIN when prompted, and as long as you have enough balance left over to complete the transaction, payment will be done within a matter of seconds!

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Lots of people are confused about how to check your balance on a Vanilla Visa Gift Card. This is not tough at all, and can be done by either phoning the toll free number provided with the card, or visiting the official website of the card company. After being prompted to enter your Card Number and PIN, you will be told your remaining balance in a very short time, making it a short, streamlined process that is most importantly very customer friendly! It’s useful to remember that merchants cannot tell you your balance, and neither can they check up on your balance before they attempt the transaction: This is one of the biggest reasons why you should always keep an eye on your balance, as trying to process a payment and having it fail due to insufficient balance can be pretty embarrassing.

Split Transactions: Pay How You Want to

Split Transactions are allowed at most merchants, along with those where you have a high chance of incurring an integer expense: Vanilla Visa Gift Cards cannot only be charged for whole number amounts, which led to the Split Transaction mechanic. A Split Transaction is where you pay a certain amount of the total expense through your Visa gift card, and the difference through a different payment method (though cash is the norm). Many merchants around the world only accept cash as the second method of payment, and do not accept other types of cards such as debit cards and credit cards. Thus, split transactions let you how you want to for your transactions and expenses!


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