Filorga Time-Filler Night: the new night treatment

The new Filorga Time-Filler Night anti-wrinkle cream is the revolution in anti-aging facial treatments that we have all been waiting for. A unique product formulated to have a targeted and combined action on the four types of wrinkles: deep wrinkles from sagging skin, wrinkles from fatigue , expression lines and superficial wrinkles . A complete action for a fundamental treatment for the skin filorga products.

The Time Filler Night cream is designed to act at night, when the skin is less exposed to aggression and above all it is more active in the synthesis and repair processes. But let’s see together the ingredients and all the details of this unique product.

Cross of all women between 30 and 65 years, wrinkles are the signs of the face on which we would all like a decisive intervention. Filorga presents its treatment capable of acting on the different types of wrinkles with an evident action in just two months .

The brand chooses the night as its first ally. It is then that the lower exposure to external aggressions allows the strengthening of the skin self-repair mechanisms , the acceleration of cell renewal and the maximum functionality of the microcirculation. The skin remains more receptive to the benefits of the active ingredients contained in the new, specific anti-wrinkle night cream .

But that’s not all. The Time-Filler Night also acts against pillow marks and facial swelling upon awakening , with a fresh and radiant complexion effect in the morning, a must try.


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