Choosing The Right Table Tennis Blades

Blades are a crucial component of the racket. As the point of contact between your palm and the ball, it is the sole component of your gear that you can feel. High-level competitors constantly stress the significance of selecting stiga table tennis blades.

Blade selection

If your blade is the appropriate one for you and it doesn’t break, you should use it indefinitely. You’ll discover that you truly come to know it over time. If you miss a shot, you’ll know what went wrong and how much pressure to apply to the racket to make the shot you desire.

Choosing The Right Table Tennis Blades

If you choose the right blade, you can use any rubbers you like and still perform consistently since you are aware of the blade. You may make a fantastic racket by adding common rubbers to a blade you are familiar with using.

You will lose out on a significant advantage that the majority of your competitors will have if you utilize the finest rubbers on the blade that you are unfamiliar with. Some players constantly switch out their blades, which is a frequent table tennis error that causes their progress to stagnate. Pick a reliable blade and use it consistently.

Any material other than wood is a composite. Most frequently, they are carbon layers that are combined with other fibers. The majority of these composites stiffen, direct, and widen the sweet spot of the blade. They give the racket more stability, but drastically alter how it feels.


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